THER – Collagen Keeper

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THER – Collagen Keeper

Collagen is the “spring” of skin
it supports the skin tissue

Sufficient collagen makes the skin cells more full,
presenting flexibility.
However, skin collagen content decreases with time,
followed by problems like loosened,droop and darkened skin with wrinkles.

THER – Collagen Keeper helps you to keep the collagen within your skin, releasing heat in forms squares, it increases the derma’s temperature till 60-70 c by heating effect. It provides all-rounded anti-ageing and dropping effects for the skin and the muscles.

It builds the collagen supporting network all-round, making every inch of your skin tightened and young.

Effectively sculpting lasting ideal lines and regain skin flexibility. Obvious effects of lightening wrinkles on you face, especially those around your eyes and nose.

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