GAMS Perfection Gold Series

Dermis exclusive scientific beauty research
Customized golden aesthetics for Easterners

he Dermis Group has been focusing on Eastern aesthetics since the setup of the company and discovered the large difference in contour, skin quality, collagen makeup, skin flexibility, body status and shape among Eastern women. This has led us to create an exclusive beauty adjusting technology to improve women’s contour, skin, and body shape from inside out. Through years of repeatedly confirming, a beauty-upping treatment system with Chinese and western elements: Golden Asia Medi-System(GAMS) has established, redefining beauty for the better ever since.

Golden 60 Seconds Breasts Boosting Acupoint Massage

Designed for women who aim for perfect breasts, focusing on Asian breasts’ weakness and body status problems, we exclusively created [Golden 60 Seconds Breasts Boosting Acupoint Massage]. Using massaging techniques to unblock meridian from inside out, stimulating milk lines’ growth to promote growth of breasts’ fat tissue, increasing fat storage capacity and pushing extra fat from the back towards the breasts, solving all problems by one act. This instantly reaches 3D lifting effect of the breasts, regaining flexibility of the young and perfect silk smooth breasts.

Free Breasts Analysis

To understand clients’ needs, every client can get free breasts analysis information. The group’s professional beauty consultants would use infrared breasts analysing equipment to make analysis of skin flexibility, milk line growth, and fat ratios to tailor make the best body slimming treatment for every client.

Free Breasts Analysis

Sign up immediately, let us know more about your needs and provide professional breasts analysis and consulting to tailor make your best treatment for breasts care.