Skincare Treatment

Dermis Group owns more than 10 internationally qualified medic beauty equipment and introduces new scientific technology at the same time. With professional equipment, we focus on every client’s needs and design intimate, brilliant and personalized treatments for them.

Professional Skin Analysis Service

To understand more about the clients’ needs, every new comer can get a skin analysis and counselling service for free. The group’s professional beauty counsellor uses intellectual skin analysis equipment to make all-rounded skin analysis for clients and accurately analyse: Skin pores, subcutaneous fat, wrinkles, skin pigment sedimentary status and skin’s moisturized level, flexibility, colour, and temperature to tailor make the most suitable skincare treatment for clients.

HEILIO III Collagen Skin Reviving, Purifying and Tightening Treatment

Using exclusive fractional photothermolysis technology to give out 81 light spots and 8 times skin purifying lasers in 5x5mm area with high energy in forms of spots. This does not harm other skin tissues; the stable light rays eliminate deep layer skin pigments and freckles.
Main areas to be treated: eliminating freckles and melanin sedimentation, soothing rough pores, stimulating collagen reviving and increasing flexibility and brightness of skin.

(MP)² High Magnetic Frequency Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Eliminating Treatment

Using electromagnetic waves heating and skin smoothening technology with 100% safety and tested electromagnetic impulse method to tighten the skin and eliminate the wrinkles, making the skin more tight, full, and young.
Main areas to be treated: Tightening loosed skin, lifting face contour, soothing wrinkles, preventing formation of wrinkles, and postponing the aging process.

Light Speed Eternal Hair Removal Treatment

Using new internal intellectual programme to adjust the most suitable level of light energy based on different thickness of hair and produces light heating effect, making the temperature in follicles to rise thus destroy the follicles’ structure to kill the cells responsible for hair growth, making hair unable to grow again to reach the eternal hair removal effect.

Light Speed Acne and Scar Removal Treatment

AC ACNE STAR optical inflammation removal uses set 450nm light spectrum’s impulse to penetrate the epidermis. Haemoglobin absorbs it then releases oxygen ions to kill Propionibacterium which causes acne to reach the inflammation removal effect. This also causes dilation of pores in a certain period to allow increased oxygen entry, reaching the effects of suppressing growth of Propionibacterium and preventing the revival of acne.

Korean Whitening and Moisturizing Vital Injector Treatment

Using safe and stable vacuum suction technology from Korea to raise the skin moisturized level quickly, reaching Korean moisturizing and whitening effect.
Main areas to be treated: To provide deep skin with first aid skin moisturization.

ST 360° Eye-Round Medic Skin Reviving Treatment
SR360° Skin Smoothening and Tightening Treatment
HIFU ultrasound 3D Sculpting Treatment

With high frequency converged ultrasound wave technology to penetrate the derma and the fascia to undergo uplift sculpting, tightening the face and eyes’ contour as well as stimulating the collagen revival effectively to reach the skin tightening effect.
Main areas to be treated: Uplifting contour, tightening face and eye’s loosed skin, eliminating wrinkles, and shrinking the pores.

Oxygen Ejection Skin Smoothening Treatment

Hydrolysis vacuum attraction with exclusive hydrolysed essence and vacuum attraction technology to effectively wash away cuticle and dead skin on epidermis. Hydrated power massaging effectively brings hydrolysed essence to deep skin, brightening the skin with effects of spa.
Main areas to be treated: Eliminating cuticle and dead skin, encouraging skin reviving, stimulating blood circulation, speeding up skin metabolism, lightening pigments, and acne scars, soothing wrinkles, eliminating blackheads, acne and shrinking of pores.

RF Radiofrequency Tightening and Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Wireless Radiofrequency uses current to penetrate the skin, resistance causes heating effect on dermas and changes the basic collagen makeup to shrink the dermas, reaching the immediate tightening effect.
Main areas to be treated: Tightening skin contour, soothing wrinkles, lightens wrinkles and loosed skin around the eyes, shrinking pores, lifting the jawline, and lightening wrinkles and loosed skin around the neck.
Dermis group’s branched centres have different types of equipment, for more information, please contact the group’s customer service officer or call 23754488 for enquiry.

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