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Dermis Group owns more than 10 internationally qualified medic beauty equipment and introduces new scientific technology at the same time. With professional equipment, we focus on every client’s needs and design intimate, brilliant and personalized treatments for them.

Professional Body shape analysis Service

To understand every client’s need, every client can get free body shape analysis information. The group has professional body shape sculpting consultant to provide all-rounded body shape analysis for clients to tailor make the best body slimming treatment.

Located Frozen Lipolysis Treatment

Frozen cell lipolysis technique freezes the fat cells, changing triglycerides in cells from liquid state to solid state and would not harm normal cells at the same time. Fat cells would decline early after being frozen and would undergo natural lysis and elimination, thinning the fat layer and excreted by normal body metabolism.
Main areas to be treated: Undergo lipolysis to eliminate subcutaneous fat, reducing cellulite and increasing skin flexibility.

Surrounded Vacuum Freezing Lipolysis Treatment

Using air pressure to eliminate fat and unblock the lymph vessels and uses exchanging soft lasers to breakdown cellulite into small fat tissue. Double ended radiofrequencies used can speed up blood flow and excrete fat by metabolism. Optical frequencies are used at last to focus on speeding up metabolism, fat burning, tightening, and detoxing at the same time. This directly eliminates fat tissues and cellulites.
Main areas to be treated: Lipolysis and excretion of fat, lightening cellulite, tightening loosed skin and promoting metabolism.

Light Converging Fat Burning Treatment

Uses vacuum negative pressure mechanism to generate suction, repeatedly sucks up the epidermis. Massaging fat tissue with folding action and vibration to turn cellulite into fatty acids then uses rhythmic lymph drainage detoxication to excrete the fatty acids through the lymph vessels. Low level of negative pressure is used at last to massage folded skin rapidly to lighten the loosened skin caused by loss of supporting force after fat elimination.

Ion Heat Energy Radiofrequency Treatment

Uses newest radiofrequency technology and energy frequencies to penetrate deep fat cell tissue. In active state, the fat cells produce heat by friction and partly raises the temperature. Excretion of toxin is undergone through sweat glands, liver and intestines’ circulation, and lymph vessels. This reaches amazing effects of smoothening, lifting, and tightening of skin.

Electromagnet Lymph Vessels Unblockage Treatment

Uses high-tech digital technology to create low frequency bionic current and infrared treatment to cast effects of body relaxation locally and throughout the body and body adjustment by human transport systems. Low frequency current and infrared can cast effects on acupoints and meridian, directly stimulating suppressed sensing nerves, dilating blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, improving localized supply of blood and nutrients, raising tissue building up energies and speeding up metabolism to excrete toxins thus increases body’s defence mechanisms.

(MP)² High Magnetic Frequency Tightening Body Sculpting Treatment

Using 3D high frequencies and magnetic impulse to increase collagen production, stimulating skin repairing mechanisms to reach effects of skin tightening, lifting body lines, fat elimination, lightening stretched marks and cellulite.
Main areas to be treated: Stimulating collagen revival, tightening loosed skin, lightening stretched marks, breaking down fat tissues.

Dermis group’s branched centres have different types of equipment, for more information, please contact the group’s customer service officer or call 23754488 for enquiry.

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