Facial Treatment

Dermis Group chooses beauty products from Europe, Japan, and Korea. Products’ ingredients are mainly natural organic plants’ extracts with no extra addictive, preservatives, artificial colourings, or artificial fragrance. The products got European Union’s CE qualifications, meet international standards, and guarantee to provide clients safe and reliable beauty treatments.

Additive-Free Essence Oil Series

Addictive-Free Essence Oil Series chooses the product designed with ideas from English Royal Essence oil, its ingredients are 100% natural plants’ extracts. With clinical data, 9 safe skin beautifying treatments with efficacy are made.

Perfect Rose Skin Activating Treatment
Addictive-Free V-shape Face Contour Sculpting Treatment
Addictive-Free Acne and Scar Eliminating Treatment
Addictive-Free Anti-Allergy Skin Moisturizing Treatment
Addictive-Free Skin Smoothening and Tightening Treatment
Addictive-Free Collagen Reviving and Moisturizing Treatment
Addictive-Free Whitening Treatment
Crystal Energy Skin Activating Treatment

Aquatic Energy Series

Aquatic Energy Series uses newest aquatic biotechnology and extract ingredients that keep youthfulness from aquatic microorganisms and naturally grew algae, creating revolutionary Aquatic Energy Series, to inject youthful energy into skin.

Aqua Strengthened Moisturizing Treatment
Algae lip Maintenance Treatment

Natural Skin Purifying Series

Natural Skin Purifying Series uses natural plant beauty theory with products made from herb essence and minerals to present the skin with perfect and natural skin purifying experience.

Natural Skin Purifying and Oil Controlling Treatment
Willow Leaves Natural Skin Purifying and Allergy Soothing Treatment
Natural Skin Purifying 4C Illuminating Treatment
Natural Skin Purifying and Moisturizing Treatment

4 Rings 4 All-rounded Anti-Aging Series

4 Rings 4 All-rounded Anti-Aging Series uses 4 step layering skin beautifying programme – First step: Deep Skin Moisturizing; Second step: Flexible Skin Beautifying and Remaking; Third step: Renewing Skin Quality; Forth Step; Anti-Aging and Anti-Sugar Skin Firming. These effectively create anti-aging skin and completely slow down the aging process.

4 Ring 4 Anti-Aging Skin Repair Treatment

Korean Care Series

Korean Nano Crystal Skin Illuminating Treatment uses thin organic carboxylic acidified calcium crystals. After applying on face with massaging, it penetrates the skin layers and eliminate the old cuticle layers.

Korea Nano Crystal skin Illuminating Treatment

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