Slimming Down Treatment

Dermis Group chooses beauty products from Europe, Japan, and Korea. Products’ ingredients are mainly natural organic plants’ extracts with no extra substances, preservatives, artificial colourings, or artificial fragrance. The products got European Union’s CE qualifications, meet international standards, and guarantee to provide clients safe and reliable beauty treatments.

Natural Energy Slimming Down Series

Aquatic Energy Detox Slimming Treatment
Flame Energy Fat Burning Slimming Down Treatment

Black Diamond Volcanic Energy Efficient Slimming Down Treatment

Natural Jiju Volcano Mud Detox and Fat Burning Treatment

Jiju Volcano Mud contains rich slimming down elements which could efficiently reduce Edema, stimulate blood circulation, undergo body detoxication through the lymph vessels and reach the goal of burning fat thus slimming down. Included minerals and a few elements are also capable of eliminating epicuticle and improving skin quality at the same time.

Traditional Technique Series

Ancient Painless Fat Elimination

Efficiently undergo adjustment through the therapist, it could firm the skin and smooth the rough epidermis to rapidly reach the goal of reducing edema and slimming down effect.

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