Body Shape Adjusting and Breasts Beautifying Techniques

Following【The Han Palace Womb Maintenance Technique】, Dermis Beauty is chasing the perfect believes and present a healthy beauty system called 【Body Shape Adjusting and Breasts Beautifying Techniques 】for women who adores perfection from inside out a continuous professional treatment.

First action of【Body Shape Adjusting and Breasts Beautifying Techniques 】: 《Boosting Breasts and Shape Adjustment Techniques》

Tailormade for new mothers, 《Boosting Breasts and Shape Adjustment Techniques》solves problems caused by duct blockage, like solidified milk and insufficient production of breastmilk, etc. It is known that breastfeeding is the best feeding mode for babies, but some mothers might not be able to pump the milk out smoothly because of duct blockage. Insufficient breastmilk production could not feed babies well and causes worries. If the problem of duct blockage could not be solved, accumulated breastmilk produces pressure for surrounding tissues continuously could lead to Mastitis, showing signs of inflation. Acute Mastitis could even cause fever and sickness throughout the body. Therefore, clearance of ducts is very crucial.

The breast s’ internal structure changes a lot after first few days of labour, breastmilk production still could not work well with new born babies’ sucking abilities and causes bruises easily as well as breasts inflation pain. Therefore, new mothers should have the breasts massaged 2 to 7 days after labour.

Boosting Breasts and Shape Adjustment Techniques (original price HK$980; New comers: $480/30 minutes)

Step 1: Breasts check

Our therapists understand the breasts’ internal changes and make use of their professional techniques to check and analyse the health status of the breasts then decide if the person is suitable for hot pack or cold pack or not suitable for the treatment.

Step 2: Relaxing fascia and deblocking the lymph vessels

After ensuring the person is suitable for the treatment, the therapist will open acupoints, relax the breast membrane and deblocking the underarm lymph vessels. This step is very important for eliminating toxins to encourage the blood flow around and maintain the health as well as the shape of the breasts.

Step 3: Cold/ Hot Pack

If the breasts have signs of solidified milk and mastitis, the therapist will make use of sea salt for cold pack to decrease the surface temperature and internal pressure. If the client needs to boost out the milk and has insufficient milk flow but no blockage of ducts, the therapist would make use of the hot pack to smoothen the milk flow and increase the amount of breastmilk pumped.

Step 4: Milk duct and breast massage

At last, the therapist would undergo milk duct massage and breast-fat-concentrating-massage. Essential oil from English royal brand Lanuis which would not affect the breastfeeding process is used. The process not only could deblock the ducts but also reshaping the breasts back to the golden 21 ratios.

Second action of【Body shape Adjusting and Breasts Beautifying Techniques 】: 《Waist Sliming and Womb Pushing Technique》

Apart from problems caused by breastfeeding, gaining weight after labour seems like unpreventable. During pregnancy, abdominal muscles and skin would be stretched by the expanding uterus, making it look loosed after labour. After the delivery, the uterus needs about 2 weeks to relocate to the pelvis and 6 weeks to regain its normal status before labour. Get hold of the crucial recovery period (a month after natural delivery or 3 months after caesarean section) and undergo the Waist Sliming and Womb Pushing Technique process, promoting womb contraction and relocation, improve the problem of loosened abdomen and speed up the body reshaping process.

Waist Sliming and Womb Pushing Technique (original price HK$1680; HK$880/90 minutes)

Waist Sliming and Womb Pushing Technique + 50 minutes massage (original price HK$1880; HK$980/90 minutes)

The therapist will massage the abdomen for client in the first step of treatment, making use of pushing and pressing method to stimulate the large intestine and the small intestines and promote the detoxication effect. Detox and purify essence mud mask from English royal brand Lanluis would then be applied on the abdomen. Finally, a strong elastic cloth would be used to wrap the whole waist of client’s from up to down for about 6 to 8 hours, it could be loosened and cleaned afterwards. The whole treatment includes 14 to 28 times of above procedures. It is suggested the treatment should be performed at least 3 times a week.

Lanluis Detox and purify essence mud mask

Its special natural essence ingredients eliminate dead skin, fat and detox the skin effectively; The product mainly focuses on deblocking the lymph vessels, stimulating the lymphatic system, encouraging blood circulation, preventing toxin accumulation, speeding up metabolism and burning fat to reach the final goal of slimming down effect.

Main ingredients:

Cocoa oil: With rich vitamin D and protein, it is a very good moisturizing and hydrating oil which locks water in skin and prevents wrinkle appearance thus softening of skin.

Grapefruit: Effective to treat fatness. It balances emotions, eliminating worries and toxins in body, reduces edema and clears the skin.

Juniper: With function of contracting muscle tissues

Cypress: Reduces fat and slims down body, regulates oily and dirty skin, promotes clotting of wounds, helps moisturizing of skin and controls aging skin. Treats vein breakage and varicose veins. Red bloodshot could be eased by massaging.

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