The Han Palace Womb Maintenance Technique

Could we maintain the womb’s health? Is it suitable for every woman?

Having problems of frequent menstrual pain, soreness and effortlessness of waist and feet? This might be the outcome of the problem “cold uterine”!

The womb is an important reproductive organ for women, any problem occurs affects the whole body. Trying to solve the problems when you encounter them would be too late! To protect the womb, you could choose to maintain its health by intaking food that warms up your body’s mechanisms and stay away from cold food as well as doing more physical exercises and make good use of the Han Palace Womb Maintenance Technique to stimulate acupoints in your body.

Dermis Beauty exclusive Han Palace Womb Maintenance Technique makes use of Korean warming maintenance techniques for wombs with European and America products to fill blood in the womb, raise the womb’s temperature, reduce edema and slim down the abdomen.

Pay attention to the followings and see if you have the problem of uterine cold:
1. Less adapted to cold environments than others and always feel coldness in hands and feet
2. Abnormal periods with irregular, delayed cycles and light menstrual blood flow
3. Frequent urination or even incontinence
4. Bad mental status with pale yellow skin
5. Easy to feel tiredness, frequent soreness and effortlessness in waist and feet
Congratulations for all who have none of the above symptoms. But if one or more symptoms above does ring a bell, it should be a sign reminding you to face the problem seriously.

Cases are for reference only as result varies amongst individuals.

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