Deep Body Sculpting

Dermis understands that no matter if it is lifting face contour or improving body shape, it is necessary to start with bones and muscles within the deep. Dermis Beauty Team uses MASA(CAT) technique as foundation and adds an exclusive treatment technique designed for eastern women to focus on relocating dislocated bones and fixing unsymmetrical contour and muscle structure.  With no extra substances added as well as no pain and destruction made to body tissues, we sculpt your perfect face structure and body shape to reach the goal of natural and healthy beauty.

Muscle Remodelling Treatment

Remodelling with bare hands, no equipment or surgery needed. With only the hands of Dermis therapist to reach the remodelling effect.

Contour Treatment

Every imperfect face structure could be treated with extremely gentle, painless, and non-destructive techniques in addition to bioenergy magnets and bio-transmitter magnets to make improvements to imperfection structures.

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